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Amandla Company Registrations

Our directors have more than 20 years of experience in running successful accounting firms.

We offer various services as we understand that each business is unique. As part of our accounting services we also form companies for our clients.

From when the process begins, up until the final registration, we get it done in 3 working days. We complete VAT registrations in as little as 2 days. However, these time frames are dependent on the relevant Government departments fulfilling their functions efficiently and timeously.

We work with companies of all sizes and we know that there is so much more that is required beyond the company registration process; like VAT registration, Income Tax registration and a Tax Clearance Certificate.

You might also require amendments to existing company documents as well as WCA/COIDA registrations. We will help you with the right solutions, quickly and effectively.

Our Services

Registration of a new private company [(Pty) Ltd] Package includes the following:

  • Full set of Memorandum of Incorporation documents (cor14.1 ; cor14.1A; cor14.3; cor15.1A and welcome letter)
  • Income Tax registration – Share certificate for all shareholders of the company
  • Tax clearance certificate for the company

Attending to Director amendments on Companies and Member amendments on close corporations. [this fee is for a maximum of 4 directors or members]

Submission of Annual returns on CIPC [in order to keep companies active this return must be submitted every year to CIPC] This fee includes the capturing of Financial Accountability Supplement on CIPC

Registration of a Non Profit Company on CIPC

Attending to BEE certificates and affidavits [the fee for this is subject to the level that the company qualifies for]

Buy shelf private companies (Pty) Ltd online (this fee includes changing the directorship)

Attending to name change on CIPC

Vat registration for companies and close corporations

CSD registrations

WCA / COIDA registrations

Address changes on CK / CM document

CIDB registrations

What Our Client's Say

 Keri Marrian
Keri Marrian
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This company offers everything you need in the financial services sector from accounting, tax and business secretarial work, everything under one umbrella! If you know what is good for you and your business - choose Amandla. 💪
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